Buy the world’s best car Audi! Are you worried about a breakdown? Is the maintenance cost high?


If you're reading this blog right now, you may be wondering whether to buy an Audi, or you're deciding on your mind but want someone to support you.
And you might think this.
" Audi is the best car in the world? Is this a follower of Audi? I wonder how good Audi is by squeezing anything."
I think there are various opinions, but I may be able to support you.

Audi I chose

I, Audi chosen by Makaon is "Audi A5 quattro cabrioret".

To be honest, whether it's A3 or A4, I wasn't particular about the model.
No, to be honest, I wasn't even particular about Audi.W
why did I buy an Audi ...?

Reason for choosing

What I was particular about was an open car.
And it is 4WD
. And the budget
. As a result, it inevitably became an A5 cabriolet, but in the process, I was convinced that Audi was the best car in the world.

The best reason in the world

What kind of car is the best car in the world?
It's the best in the world if you think so.
However, Audi has the strongest reason to call it the best in the world.
It's a Quattro system
. This 4WD gives you the ability to drive safely and at high speeds
. I will not try anyone ride in the "run coffin" No matter how cool the sports car.

Other manufacturers also sell 4WD vehicles, but Audi and Subaru are the only ones in the world that have a rich lineup of Quattro systems developed to ensure high-speed stability.
So why is it Audi instead of Subaru?
There are various reasons for this, but I don't think Subaru's 4WD system is inferior.
I feel the difference is the design.

What are the breakdowns and maintenance costs?


I can't say anything about breakdowns because there are individual differences, but compared to domestic cars, there are probably more breakdowns in Audi.
some people have written articles on other sites that "rubber and plastic parts are easily damaged and lead to breakdowns because the humidity and temperature are different from those in Europe." S
o, are Japanese cars prone to breakdown overseas where the temperature and humidity are different? The answer is "NO".
Rather, it is praised as "it does not break down more than the car in its own country."
Japanese cars are certainly excellent, but I would like those who write articles like the one above to show the scientific basis.
I think it's rude not only for Audi but also for domestic cars.

As I said, Audi is probably more prone to breakdowns than domestic cars.
However, Volkswagen is the same manufacturer now
. I would like to see more information shared about the relatively low-failure design of the Volkswagen, not only in the body structure but also in the consumable parts.

Maintenance fee

This is the same as a breakdown.
If the comparison target is a Japanese car, the maintenance cost is high.
It will be cheaper than Ferrari, a super-luxury sports car ^^;

After all, do you buy Audi?

You should buy a Quattro.
Naturally, fuel efficiency will decrease, but there will be a great sense of security on snowy roads and rough roads.
Those who run on snowy roads will choose Quattro.
As for the design, the European design is magnificent.
I think it's a buy.